About Us

The Cheadle (Staffs) Auto Club will be running a full programme of sporting events in 2018.

The majority of these will be motorcycle trials.

The events will cater for all grades of rider and for all classes of machines from Novices and Beginners to Expert. There will also be a section for Youth riders and those on Pre-1965 or Twinshock bikes.

The course, will be aimed at giving everyone a good days sport and all riders will have the choice of either the Expert sections or the easier Clubman’s ones. All sections will have dual routes, with all riders having the option to ride a 50/50 route if they wish to. The harder sections will be for the better riders and the easier for those wanting a less demanding route.

The club, also through its contacts within the East Midland Centre of the ACU, can arrange for any of our members to marshal at Road Race events at Darley Moor or Mallory Park if they wish to.

The  Club has decided to increase membership fees for 2022 so anyone wanting to ride in one of their trials can turn up on the day and simply pay the entry fee (£15.00). You will still need to hold an ACU licence which can be obtained at the trial. You can be provided with a membership number of the club for just £5.00 extra, but apart from that there will be no fuss and no extra cost to you. This will continue to be the clubs policy in 2022 in order to try to keep costs to the riders to a minimum.


Contact any of the club’s members or come along to a club night at The Swan, Town End, Cheadle, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8.15 pm

Russell Andrzejewski – russ@cold-cell.com – 07855747198
Pete Roscoe – gasgasrusk@aol.com – 07854415612
Competition Secretary:
Carl Chell – carlchell64@gmail.com – 07794951247

Please let us know if you are willing to assist the club by contacting any of the above.